Parigi Haute Couture Fashion Week Jan. 2014 is now the past…and it sure was a glorious display of Haute Couture in all shapes and forms.
So I have now decided when I finally go to my imaginary red carpet extravaganza event ;) these are definitely my top 2 go-to couture designers…
Check out the fantastic details going on chez Valentino Couture. I CRAZY LOVE the finale tiger gown ! The animal flair was definitely a pleasant surprise this season at Valentino Couture. This matched with simply draped silk marocain dresses, cashmere and lace on the “stage” of an opera inspired theme. Flawless, as usual!

Valentino_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_0 Valentino_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_1 Valentino_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_2 Valentino_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_3pic source: Vogue Italia



Ooooh Mr. Saab…you did it again! Inspired by the nineteenth-century Dutch painter Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Saab presented these idyllic fairy-goddess floor length gowns, in a dream-like display of pastels. And ofcourse we can not ignore his exquisite signature embroideries and appliques. Simply divine! A couple gowns reminded me a little of Georgia O’Keeffe. Like this gorgeous first one below. Don’t you think?

Elie Saab_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_1 Elie Saab_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_2 Elie Saab_Haute Couture 2014 PARIS_3pic source: Vogue Italia

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin FW14

So the show is over…for now! ;) MBFWB took place last week and it sure was exciting. I must share with you my 3 absolute favos…



pic source:
Aaaaa…check these out!! The level of “Luxury Grunge Appeal” is perfectly balanced portraying a strong, independent and beautiful woman with an edge. CRAZY LOVE! :)



LENA HOSCHECK_M&Epic source:

The exquisite details and the marriage of cult/folkloric and 50´s silhouettes…gorgeous! She definitely has her own thing going here. However, this season – FW14, Hoschek brings it up a notch, adding a more sexy flair to the label with lace and transperancy matched with a modern elegance. Not sure if I would wear the transparent pieces myself, but I sure do love the additional boldness.



FelippaK_FW14I have been a long time fan of Filippa K’s modern-chic minimalism. From day to evening, you can never go wrong with this one. It is simply timeless. LOVE!

Up next…PARIS!!! :) xxx

It’s a BRIGHT New Year!!!


Happy 2014 everyone! Hope you all had a dandy celebration! Yes it is indeedo a new year and this is how I have decided to approach it… :)
b67728039b75c7c6a79450f8af9fa01fmore positive…
pinterestaafd309040766ed8ee7f9e389ec4f75emore laughter…
The Messes of Menc021caa74eb246ceb5028bf88ba167e5more yoga…
We Heart It
tumblr_lvcnbjwuP81qastypo1_400more quality time with my babies…
The Pursuit Aesthetictumblr_myp83ytx8W1s2qfr9o1_400more ambitious…
Relay Be Breath
923362265dcaf935259940b9fc8361eemore passionate…
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Coffee in the Mountains
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Gergory Colbert
Audrey-Hepburn-Funny-Face-001more silliness…
The Guardiana6c4692380a8e455a6331c889af00ab7hmmmm… :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas from Lucia_martinis and elephantsM&E

It is time to celebrate!

This month is full of celebrations! Today its my hubby´s bday and in a few days its mine and then a few days after that its Christmas…and then…its New Years! Pfew! Lots of planning, but lots of hugs and kisses. ;) Here are a few of my favs for Christmas decorating. Have a wonderful week! xxx

XMAS BDAYHappy Birthday my love! xxxfd5f476f967590f4853d6169d5840d45Pinterest
I dig B/W deco. So graphic, so beautiful!
495c3941614c1627fbeb4218864c8126Katy Elliot
Yumzers! Hang them on the tree…and then eat them! Hihihi. :)
28eb131d587746a5b61ebd6d8a6f4d62Den Vita Julen
Gonna do huge ones and hang them by the window!
73a6a75cfdfcfb73d3c7c5e4eb3f1614Sköna Hem
Check out that star! Love it!

Loooove this song!